Approximate date of review: 6/27/1999

Boneless Pork Riblet Meal by Banquet

NOTE: Archived review. This may be a discontinued product.

Banquet's Boneless Pork Riblet Meal is an excellent choice for those who are on a budget and aren't looking for ultra-spectacular frozen-dinner fare. However, care should be taken when purchasing this item. The casual consumer may be under the impression that the meal contains a serving of boneless pork 'riblets'. Careful examination of the box cover reveals that the 'riblets' are actually boneless rib-shaped pork patties. Since this fact is presented on the box cover as opposed to being buried within the ingredients listing on the back of the box, Banquet's honesty should be commended. In terms of taste, the boneless pork patty has some flavor and meatiness about it but hardly represents a culinary masterpiece. The ribs are served with mesquite-flavored barbecue sauce. Unfortunately the sauce fails to significantly liven-up or enrich the main entrée. The dinner also comes with corn, which seems to lack plumpness, and mashed potatoes, which lack fluffiness. As a whole, the meal may satisfy your hunger, but not your appetite. Before I end this review, I must mention the images featured on the back of the meal's box. They are placed between Banquet's self-aggrandizing comments on the wholesomeness and righteousness of their meals. The captionless images invite the consumer to fill in the details of the depicted storyline. Image #1 features a man exiting his car. Presumably he is returning home from work or he is on a lunch break. Next, he is shown sitting at a table with a young woman. He seems to be focused on the task at hand which is carving up the meat of the Banquet meal.

The young woman appears to be enjoying his enthusiasm. The final image is a curious one. Evidently he has just placed a forkful of his Banquet meal into his mouth. This has perhaps given him a moment of ecstasy. I say this because of the fact that his eyes are closed and a look of extreme serenity is on his face. Usually, a person closes his/her eyes during acts of intimacy. Apparently I missed something when I consumed this meal.


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