Approximate date of review: 6/27/1999

Beef Enchilada by Banquet

NOTE: Archived review. This may be a discontinued product.

I've noticed more and more frozen dinner producers using bold labels to describe some of their large dinners. Examples include 'Big Meal' used by Tyson and 'Hungry-Man' by Swanson. Not to be left out, Banquet has introduced a line of 'Hearty One' meals. Can these meals live up to their label? Well, the beef enchilada dinner certainly tries. The dish features a single beef enchilada with chili sauce, Mexican style rice, and corn in seasoned sauce. I found the enchilada to be quite flavorful and satisfying. Unfortunately this dinner suffers from a competitive disadvantage in that it only contains one beef enchilada, as compared to its counterpart by Patio, which contains two. Although they are present in extremely generous quantities, the Mexican style rice and corn do not possess an uncommon taste. Adding additional spices to these two items could improve the overall flavor of the meal. Also, after preparing several dinners, I noticed that the corn and rice were consistently watery. This could be another area of future improvement. The box cover boasts "Extra Helpings of Beef Enchilada..". As I mentioned earlier, the dinner only contains one beef enchilada. What is an "Extra Helping"? Another aspect of the meal's packaging that caught my attention was the series of 'real-life' images featured on the back cover of the dinner box. I've noticed that these images are included on most, if not all, of Banquet's entrees. The images seem to depict a 'storyline' that always culminates in the consumption of a frozen dinner (presumably a Banquet dinner). Since typically 2-3 images are featured without captions, the consumer is left to use his or her imagination to fill in the details of the storyline. The Hearty One: Beef Enchilada dinner features a construction worker. Initially we see the construction worker either going to or coming from work. Given the cleanness of his clothing I would assume he's going to work. He appears to be engaging in a conversation with his co-worker. It's likely that the conversation is centered around Banquet's Hearty One: Beef Enchilada dinner.

Next we see the construction worker dining with either a relative, a friend, or his significant other. Although the setting isn't exactly formal, there appears to be wine on the table along with their TV dinners. The final image features the construction worker with a fork in his mouth. He's displaying an expression of pure enjoyment. It is not stated whether the expression stems from the food, the conversation, or both.


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