Approximate date of review: 12/1/2009

Twist & Twirl Spaghetti with Mini Meatballs by Kid Cuisine

Visually the meal is attractive. After preparation the spaghetti and corn appeared as featured. The plastic blue dish used for the meal is a great touch. It’s an attention getter, especially for kids. However, you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy this meal. If you’re an adult looking for something light, simple, and fast this may fit the bill. The overall taste of the spaghetti is not unpleasing. It’s a bit generic but flavorful. A Parmesan cheese packet is included with the meal. This improves the spaghetti’s taste. The mini-meatballs mixed with the pasta are well cooked and somewhat satisfying. A frozen brownie serves as the meal’s dessert and meets expectations (it’s good!). However, if left to thaw normally, as opposed to microwaving it for up to 10 seconds as the directions state, you (or your kids) may find it to be “yummier”.


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