Approximate date of review: 9/7/1996

Hungry-Man: Turkey by Swanson

NOTE: Archived review. This may be a discontinued product.

Over the years, Swanson's line of Hungry-Man frozen dinners have become icons of every supermarket's frozen food section. Almost all abide by the 'meat and potatoes' rule. Their Turkey dinner selection is not an exception. Inside the apparently gender specific package you will find a complimentary arrangement of turkey("mostly white meat") with gravy and dressing, mashed potatoes, peas, and an apple-cranberry dessert. Each item is tastefully compartmentalized preventing juice overflow and flavor contamination. A smart idea considering that after preparing several meals, I found the turkey portion to be consistently watery. Aside from this drawback, the turkey/dressing/gravy ensemble provides for a satisfying and wholesome eating experience. The mashed potatoes(reconstituted) and peas further endorse the experience. Although the front of the dinner box maintains that the peas are in, "seasoned sauce," my palate could detect neither seasoning nor sauce. They still fit the bill nonetheless. The apple(rehydrated)-cranberry dessert is sweet and tangy and serves as an enjoyable upshot to this meal.


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