Approximate date of review: 7/15/1999

Salisbury Steak Meal by Banquet

NOTE: Archived review. This may be a discontinued product.

A modest meal at a modest price would be my best summation of Banquet's Salisbury Steak Meal. The meal centers around a well-prepared, roughly rectangular 'Salisbury steak' patty. I used half-quotes in the preceding description because although the dictionary tells us that "Salisbury steak" is a noun (originating from the 19th century English dietitian, J. H. Salisbury) describing a hamburger patty of ground beef, broiled or fried and often served with sauce, Banquet's Salisbury steak is in fact a meat blend of beef and pork. Personally, I feel that labeling the meat as Salisbury steak is a bit of a stretch, but I guess a legal argument for its accuracy could be made. The patty's flavor is modest and non-overwhelming. A rich, mildly tangy, 'homestyle' gravy is served with the meat. It enhances the meat's taste but not its quality. Corn and mashed potatoes accompany the main entrée. In this meal, as I've found in other Banquet meals that contain corn and mashed potatoes, they lack fluffiness and plumpness. Although the offerings of this meal are not exceptional, you will get your money's worth from it. Closing, I should note that apparently Banquet feels words alone are not enough to motivate the consumer to purchase its meals. On the back of the Salisbury steak meal's box, Banquet features a series of images depicting common, 'family-esque' scenes. The captionless images are open for interpretation by the consumer. Image #1 depicts what appears to be a man and his son returning from a baseball game. They seem to be in good spirits and are perhaps eagerly racing home to enjoy a Banquet meal.

The next image features them at a table being served Banquet meals by a third person. Glasses of milk and fresh fruit can be seen at the table. With the exception of bread, it seems as though they will enjoy food from all the necessary food groups. The father figure seems especially ecstatic about his meal. In the final image we see the son who has apparently just consumed a forkful of his Banquet meal. He seems to have thoroughly enjoyed his morsel. He's smiling to the point of showing teeth. Also his eyes are closed...a sign of ecstasy. The food must be good because observe the condition of his fork. It's clean. In fact it's polished. I would venture to guess that not even a single molecule of food remains on the fork. Now that's good eating!!


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