Approximate date of review: 7/15/1999

Swiss Cheese, Baked Ham, and Broccoli Florets Topped with Potato Wedges by Marie Callender

NOTE: Archived review. This may be a discontinued product.

Marie Callender offers a thoroughly satisfying meal, correction: feast, by way of Swiss cheese, baked ham, and broccoli florets topped with potato wedges. This meal follows the basic ‘meat and potatoes’ formula. It’s exceptional in that all of its ingredients are prepared to a level that nears culinary perfection. The baked potato wedges are exactly what they appear to be: baked potato wedges. They are not reconstituted and/or reshaped potato wedge approximations. However, they are smothered in a rich, creamy blanket of Swiss cheese. The cuts of ham are lean, well-prepared, and appropriately dispersed throughout the dish. No 'meat and potatoes' meal would be complete without a source of colorful roughage. Broccoli florets satisfy this requirement. Normally in my reviews I try to mention an entrée's weakpoints. In this case, I am at a loss for criticisms. This is a great meal!


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